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March 16, 2013

We are Gordon and Judy Hart, and we live in Arlington, Texas.  We have been teachers for 37 years, and now we’re getting ready to retire.  This summer we will be moving to Beijing, China, where Judy will be teaching music at Beijing International School and Gordon will be teaching music at Beijing No. 4 High School International Campus.  It is exciting and exhausting!  We have begun tutoring sessions to learn Mandarin Chinese, and we are selling our house.  There is so much to do, but our new school is helping with visas, information, and advice.

Our family, Courtney, Brad, and Glenda, are excited too, and plan to visit us in Beijing as soon as possible.  We are already looking forward to that!

We plan to update this site with progress on our move, our arrival in Beijing, and all of our adventures in China.  More to come later!

6 thoughts on “The Harts

  1. Wow. We had lingering suspicions that you guys were, if not kinda crazy, certainly fearless and intrepid. This bears out our original thoughts. We think it is super cool that you have begun this incredible adventure. It hasn’t hurt one bit that both of you have years of experience planning big events and trips, and this is certainly a biiiiig trip. We will be following you as get ready to depart. The fun begins!

  2. Donna and are laying bets that that you two will spark an international incident in which former Sec. of State and NM Gov. Bill Richardson will have to go to Beijing and bail you out. You are already under suspicion for walking off the bagel parking lot!!! Actually, it is probably incredibly exciting to see this grand road trip–experiment coming to fruition. You am actually goin!!!! You guys are going to have a great time and we are all living vicariously through you. At Donna and my advanced ages (Donna reminds me that I am a year older than she and older than many dinosaur fossils in major museums), going to Walgreens for Metamucil is a “big trip”. You guys are amazing. Keep us informed!

  3. Do you sign up for a year at a time? Are you thinking of more than one year if this goes well?

  4. Judy’s is contracted for two years. I’m part-time, and only have a contract for this year. BHSFIC and and I will evaluate and adjust as the year progresses.


  5. Spending Thanksgiving with my sister in Austin. I cannot wait to see the post for your special holiday meal in China.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Bill & Margaret

  6. Hi Mr. Hart,

    I just want to say I love your blog about Beijing. I am from Beijing and currently live in Fort Worth. I went to school here at UTD and am married a Texan.

    I just came back from Beijing last week visiting my family. It is nice to read a blog from a Texan who has lived in Beijing. The direct flight from Dallas to Beijing by American Airline made it all possible for me to see my father for the last time. It is so amazing reading your blog about their first flight to DFW. I also remember how excited I was seeing a young man wearing a tshirt with Fort Worth on it in the Beijing subway.

    Wish you all the best!

    Jenny Bauer

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