Park Visit, 6/26/14

Today is Disney day! We start out early after breakfast, walking to the train station. We take a short ride (6 stops) before arriving at the station for the Disney Parks. Courtney had already purchased our tickets for “Disney Sea.” It’s supposed to be the most different of any of the parks in the Disney system. We ride the resort train around both parks before getting off at our entrance. The park has been open for 5 minutes, and the big initial crowd has already rushed through, headed for whatever Fast Pass they need.

IMG_2989 IMG_1150

We enjoy a few rides and shows, taking in as much of the park as possible. The lines early aren’t bad, and we ride pretty much everything we want without too much waiting. Naturally, there are great live music groups playing throughout the park, keeping guests entertained. The various themed areas are decorated really well, as expected. Judy and I spend the hot part of the day in a “Big Band Show”, and then take in some caffeine on the patio of a small café. It’s so nice and comfortable. We spend lots of time just watching people go by. One of the most striking things we noticed was how many of the teens and even some older are dressed as twins or multiples. Some groups as large as six are all dressed alike, and they’re not school groups in uniform. There are some crazy costumes. We have a blast watching them go by.

IMG_1157 IMG_0472 IMG_0471 IMG_1171

IMG_1169 IMG_1144 IMG_2992IMG_0524

Courtney heads home around 2:30 to rest, with plans to return at 6:00 for the evening activities. Judy and I plan on leaving pretty soon, but keep finding things to do, and we don’t walk out until 7:00 pm. Back home, we pack for our tour tomorrow to Mt. Fuji and 2 nights in Kyoto. We need our sleep. No matter what you do, Disney parks require lots of walking, and we traversed the park several times.

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