Knee relief, Yay!!! 9/18/14

It’s back to the grind for me today with early classes. After class, I worked in the room till lunch. After lunch, it was time to travel to the medical clinic for another visit to the “bone doctor”, as the nurses call him. Dr. Jin Jin reviews the notes from my last visit in early July, and takes another look at my x-rays. Last time I came in, he drained 25cc out of my right knee, and I immediately was better. I wasn’t pain-free, but almost.

This trip, he’s not so excited about working on the same knee. The original plan was to drain the left knee on this 2nd visit, but the right knee still has more pain. With the admonishment that we won’t be able to work on this knee again for a year, he puts me on the table and goes to work. This time, there is more pain while he works. Last trip, there was enough fluid that he didn’t have to search hard to find it. This time, he probed around with much more conviction. He only got 22cc this time, but it feels so much better. Maybe this “fix” will last longer.

After the doctor’s visit, I returned to BHSFIC for the “Orchestra Club.” We have a few new students after the club fair yesterday. Rehearsal is fun and the kids are fun to work with. The only bad thing about these after-school rehearsals is the commute home on the train during “rush hour.” I’m always “beat” when I get home on Thursdays.


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