Closing out the week, 9/26/14

BISS is celebrating their “On the Road” week with an assembly to view short videos of each groups’ activities. They follow it up with field day activities and a cookout. My classes at BHSFIC go well, and we finish up all the school song tests.

The National Holiday in China is celebrated from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7. BISS is on holiday next week (Sept. 29 thru Oct 3), but classes start back up Monday, Oct. 6. We’ve arranged a 6-day trip to Malaysia, and it begins tonight.

The packing begins when we get home. We’re checking our weather apps, sorting out what to wear. It’s going to be warm, and damp (very humid, and they tell us it rains a little bit every day). We leave the apartment at 10:30 pm, and catch a taxi. We’re in the check-in line at 11:00 at the airport, eat a light snack at Costa Coffee, and begin the trek through immigration and security. The plane eventually takes off around 2:15 am. I think this flight is the definition of a “red-eye”.

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