Ping Pong & Demo lesson, 10/ 14-15 / 14

TUESDAY, 10/14/14

Today was a really beautiful day. The pollution level was really low. The temperature was cool early, and warmed up later. The beginning band class went well. The students are gradually improving and seem to be enjoying it. After class, I ate lunch at the local Chinese restaurant, and headed home.

It’s such a beautiful day, I decided to ride the bike over to the table tennis club. I arrived around 2:15 and never sat down until after 4:30. My face is becoming more familiar to the players, and they’re less concerned about spending time with me. I was “beat” when I finally decided I had learned enough for one day. One of the guys had decided to fix my forehand, and we drilled and drilled. When we finished, my knees and back were both aching. My game was improved, but I was worn out.

The bike ride back was relaxing. I enjoy watching the neighborhoods and the people as I ride by. Sure enough, when I got back to the apartment and relaxed, everything tightened up, and I could hardly move. It’s hurts, but it’s a “fun” hurt.

WEDNESDAY, 10/15/14

Judy has a big day today. She’s teaching another demonstration music class at “BISS at Olympic Park”, the Chinese tennis academy that’s merging with BISS. They’re going through some kind of accreditation and needed a lesson from a teacher at BISS. Judy’s last “demonstration” went really well, and she was the logical choice for this opportunity.

The lesson goes really well, again. Of course, the accreditation team only walked through the room while she was in the middle of her lesson. They didn’t stop, but literally just walked through. So much for several days of preparation.

Back at BISS, we had another good day with the beginning band class. We pulled out books for the first time. They were ready to try something different. We don’t have many classes left as the end of the trimester winds down.

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