Flu shot time! 10/23/14

Today was a long one! I left a little late (6:40am), and decided to take a taxi. My knees were a little “creaky”, and along with my 30 lbs. backpack, I was carrying my clarinet. The drive was really nice and I had a chance to check out all the decorations for the upcoming APEC summit. Tiananmen is really decked out. The nearby major intersections are also filled up with huge floral displays.

I arrived early for class, and set up all the media stuff and plugged in all my devices. The hardest part is resetting all the chairs each week. There is some type of elementary or middle school choir that uses the room on the weekend and everything is moved around. Classes go well, and Dr. Prettyman comes in for my semester evaluation during the second class. After class we talked briefly, and then I began to work on materials for orchestra club this afternoon, and classes tomorrow.

I ate lunch at the school, leaving on the train around 12:30 for BISS and my flu shot. BISS had scheduled flu shots for today, and it never hurts to take a little preventative measures. It took me about 40 minutes to get to BISS. I was finished and walking away 15 minutes later. Judy had a busy day of classes, but was going to get her shot later in the afternoon. I took the train back to BHSFIC. I helped one of the 12th grade students put together a drum accompaniment for a selection he was singing, using Garageband, and then finished prepping for Orchestra Club.

We had a good rehearsal, finishing around 5:45. As usual, it’s hard to get the students to leave when we’re done. Half of them are living on campus, eating downstairs in the cafeteria, and sleeping upstairs in the dorm area. I walk out the door around 6:00, and make my way to the train, loaded to the hilt with my clarinet and backpack. It’s a crowded night on the train, and I eventually get home around 7:00, fully worn out from wrestling the crowds.

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