No Water? Uh oh! 4/24/15

Judy has had a tough week. The class load hasn’t really been any different, but she’s had a problem with her left leg. She’s probably pulled a muscle and needs to rest it, but she’s been trying to run/walk in the mornings around the complex. I don’t think it’s helped. The stairs at school make it tough when the leg tightens up.

This morning’s water problems didn’t help. When I woke up around 4:30, Judy mentioned we had NO WATER? This is a different issue than the no hot water issue yesterday. There were no signs in the lobby with today’s date, so I don’t think this is planned. Judy began getting ready, and I cooked breakfast. She left around 6:15 am, planning to get some work done at school. Still no water! None!

I sorta worked on the computer, occasionally wandering outside to see if anyone else is fretting about no water. Maybe I need to pay on our balance? I checked the meters and they still seemed to have a balance. I sent a text to our real estate agent. She contacted UHN management and was told “there’s a problem with a pipe and it was being fixed.” I didn’t get a time line. Is it a few hours, or is it a few days? The pool area was unaffected, so I did my swim and shower.

I ate lunch back at the apartment and waited to talk to our ayi. She came in around 12:30 and I made her aware of the water issue. She went to work dusting and vacuuming, so I left to ride to the table tennis park.   I got in a few hours of playing. When I returned, still no water. This is becoming critical. I started checking on nearby hotels for the night. Eventually, someone from BISS texted the staff that lived at UHN, letting us know we were supposed to have water at 6:00 pm. Sure enough, the water started running as scheduled, and the crisis was averted.

I walked down the street to the nearby duck restaurant, and ordered some vegetable dishes and Kong Pao chicken to take home. We spent the rest of the night enjoying the food and “chilling”.

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