Sunday, August 18, 2013

It’s a beautiful day when we get up.  The sky is blue, and we can see as far as we’ve ever been able to see.  The humidity is down, and it feels good outside.


A clear Beijing morning

A clear Beijing morning

I think Judy is beginning to get ahead at school.  She’s found the time to start thinking about decorating the apartment a little bit.  We check in with family back home on Facetime, and head out to IKEA around noon.  Sunday in IKEA!  Can it get much better?

We pick up a few couch pillows and a bedspread and pillows for our 2nd bedroom.  The apartment is actually beginning to look a little like a home, and certainly more comfortable than it was.  Still need a few rugs.  IKEA didn’t really have what we needed, so we’ll be looking for other sources.  We order in Italian food from Annie’s, a well-known restaurant in Beijing (among the westerners).  It’s really good.  The phone # is going on my “favorites” list.

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