Thursday / Friday, 6/ 4-5 /15

THURSDAY, 6/4/15

Without classes to teach, I’m just spinning my wheels getting a few small chores done. Along with the everyday swimming and cooking, we’ve got shipping planning, trip planning, cruise planning, and the last two weeks planning to deal with. The paperwork to ship our stuff is sort of a pain, as you might expect, with lots of forms and numbers to chase down. The trip planning is related more to making sure we have tours planned and in place for Cambodia, Thailand, Barcelona, and Athens. The cruise planning is making sure we have the right clothes for all the excursions and activities. Our last two weeks planning involves making sure we get to visit and say goodbyes to all the friends we’ve made here. There are so many great people and we’re going to miss them. There are lots of dinners and get-togethers planned and we don’t want to get double-booked.

FRIDAY, 6/5/15

Pre-K had an assembly at Judy’s school today. Judy was involved in a couple of the activities.   It goes well, but she’s beat when she gets home. She’s been hauling large storage containers home everyday from school with the music supplies she brought over from the US. She’s been bringing home a box each day, but they’re cumbersome to deal with. Carrying them to the taxi is a struggle.

The seventh, and final, box came home today. Now she has to sift through and organize them so the process doesn’t have to be duplicated when the boxes arrives back in the US. Once she got started going them, she couldn’t quit. She was still working away when I went to bed at 11:00. Thankfully, the internet was working well tonight, and we were able to stream some of our favorite television shows and movies with Amazon Prime.

I went back over to my school today to turn in my keys, and the final paperwork for “exiting” my employment with the school. I guess if it were not done correctly, I could be illegal which might be an issue at the airport as we leave in two weeks. It was fun to have lunch with everyone and find out about their summer plans. Travel around here seems a more “exotic” than the plans we’re used to hearing about in Arlington or Clovis.

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