Fire Alarm excitement, 8/26/13

A boring day.  Well, almost.  The fire alarm started sounding off in the kitchen and on the main intercom at the front door of the apartment.  I was cooking nothing, so I assumed, since the main fire alarm was going off, there was a fire somewhere else or a false alarm, and it was time to exit the apartment.  I put together the things I thought were important, in case it was more than a false alarm, and headed out the door.  Several other people were on the elevator, and one had her dog.  When we arrived at the bottom, everyone headed out.  As we walked outside, everyone else seemed to head off to work, and the lady started walking her dog.  I was by myself.  Apparently there was no fire, or false alarm.

I went back up to the apartment, and the alarms are still going off.  I text Lisa, our agent, and she contacts UHN management.  The main alarm quits ringing about 5 minutes later, but the kitchen alarm is still going strong.  I check if maybe there is a battery issue, but it’s hard-wired.  Finally, an hour after it all started, the alarm stops.  Although no one came by, I assumed that someone figured it out, and hit “reset” somewhere.

I spend the rest of the morning sorting out issues with the travel company.  Finally, Paypal comes to the rescue and we’re officially booked for the river cruise.  Lillie, our ayi (maid), comes in the afternoon and gets the apartment in great shape again.  With Judy around, and Lillie working twice a week, I’m having trouble getting this place dirty.  However, I’ll keep trying!

I spend the time working on class ideas and watching some of the “Great Course” videos.  I’m beginning to put together a plan that should be fun to teach and might even educate / entertain the students.  I’m even learning a little bit myself.

When Judy gets home, we sort out the day together, swapping stories and enjoying the meal.  We’ve begun watching “Downton Abbey” on Hulu.  We’d heard a lot about the series, but never had the chance to get started.  It really is good, and Hulu has allowed us to start with Episode 1, and work through it all in order.

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