Boarding “Equinox”, and a birthday, 7/4/15

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY! We spent the morning worrying about Brad and Glenda making it to Barcelona for the cruise. They arrived in Madrid from Dallas, but for some reason, they weren’t booked on the Iberia flight as they were told. After some wrangling, they were able to book a later flight that would arrive in time for the cruise (assuming there are no more surprises). They’re not sure where their luggage is, though.

We taxied over to the cruise port and boarded the ship. Around 1:30, Brad and Glenda texted they had landed and were in a taxi. Yea!!!! At 2:30, we all got together on the ship and had lunch, hashing over the details of their very interesting trip.


First view of the ship!


Security was thick!


From our cabin!  We were on that hill, at the fort yesterday, looking down. Check the pix from yesterday


A closer look


A look back at Barcelona from the ship


Sailing out of the harbor.


Our Barcelona hotel is in the group of buildings in the distance.

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon, enjoying and exploring the ship as we pulled away from Barcelona. Dinner was great, and they brought a small cake with a candle, and a waiter that sings. There was a nice rendition of “Happy Birthday” and many of the diners joined in.


After dinner, we confirmed our meeting plans for the excursion to Cannes and Nice tomorrow. After the exciting day and long flight Brad & Glenda had, I’m sure sleep will come really easy tonight.

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