Our day on a Greek island! 7/13/15

Judy always said she wanted to spend some time on a Greek island when she retired. Today is the day. We taxied over to the harbor and boarded a “Flying Dolphin” ferry. It has a hydrofoil that lifts the boat out of the water when it gets up to speed. It cuts the time to the island in half (about 45 minutes).


Our destination is Aegina. We had been asking around (concierge, taxi drivers, etc.) getting opinions on the best island to visit. There are 3 nearby islands, but Aegina seemed to be the only island with beaches with sand. We weren’t interested in crawling around on rocks, trying to get to the water, so Aegina is it.

We arrived, and began walking around, trying to figure out what to do. I had done some homework and knew the name of a couple of beaches. We found an empty taxi, gave the driver the name of one of the beaches, and off we went. It was a small beach, with chairs, and umbrellas, and a small café/restaurant nearby. The beach had sand and the water was great. We got to the beach around 8:30, and stayed until 3:00. The food was cheap, and the waiters were quick and helpful. We had a blast!


A line outside one of the banks on the island.


A beautiful morning!

IMG_4210 IMG_4213


Later in the day, things began to pick up a little.

IMG_4219 IMG_4217 IMG_4216



Looking back into the hills from the beach restaurant.


The beach restaurant.


Looking out toward the beach


Waiting on the taxi, heading back to the harbor


Checking out the harbor area


Main Street Aegina


Pulling out of the harbor on the ferry.


Athens, off in the distance.

A taxi took us back to the harbor area in time to do some shopping, sample some Greek coffee and ice cream, before boarding our ferry back to Athens. It was a quick trip back to the ferry port, and there were lots of taxis available to get us back to the hotel. We packed for our flights back to the US, while watching the CNN reports on the status of the Greek financial crisis. We’re relieved to find out the country isn’t going to collapse tonight, and we should be able to fly out tomorrow. Whew! What a relief! We’re ready to get home.

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