Now what? 7/15/15

Well, what now? We slept till we woke up (sometime around 3:00 am), and then began rummaging around for some food. It always takes a while for our appetites to adjust, as well as our sleep cycles.

13.10.15.View from apt. - 1

Looking out from our Beijing apartment


Looking out off the balcony from our new home in Fort Worth.

Over the last week or so, the reality that we don’t have anything in front of us has begun to settle in.   The part-time nature of what I had been doing has helped me with the adjustment, but Judy is just now enjoying the moment. After years of spending our summers planning for the next school year, our planning now is turning to setting up our new lifestyle.

13.08.01.UHN - 2

Looking up at our Beijing apartment building.


Looking at our building in Fort Worth.

We know we have work to do to get our condo set-up for full-time living. Until now, we’ve only been in it a few days at a time, before we would return to Beijing. We have LOTS of stuff in storage, and are increasingly aware that we don’t want most of it. We’ll have to set-up an estate sale or something.

We have to get our car titles transferred back to us from Brad & Courtney, and get the insurance in place. We need to get our iPhones setup for US use. Right now, our plan is to get new iPhones, unless we decide to wait for the new version of the phone in September.

Our Beijing shipment is scheduled to arrive at the docks in Long Beach at the end of July. I’m curious what kind of hoops we’ll have to jump through as it clears customs, and gets shipped to Texas

I guess the best way to “officially” finish up this blog would be to post a weekly update, until our stuff gets here from China, most likely near the end of August. There are bound to be some surprises as we get ourselves situated in the mean time.

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