Sea Day #2, Thursday, 11/15/18

We’re sailing across the Mediterranean today from Athens to Port Said, Egypt, the entrance to the Suez Canal.  Even though we’re crossing more open water, it’s still a smooth sailing.  I played table tennis.  Judy worked to finish up details of her student teachers, and the Killough HS memorial project in Lewisville.  Every time someone reviews the Killough planning, there are revisions, and that work falls to Judy.

I attended a lecture session in the afternoon about the Suez Canal.  There was discussion about the actual construction and how early decisions were made, who got rich, and who went bankrupt.  It was built by the same company that later built the Panama Canal. As might be expected, there was a lot of information about the geo-political impact the canal had, and the turmoil and conflict surrounding it at different times

The entertainment in the Theater tonight is a close-up magician.  He uses a camera to get everyone a good view of what he’s doing. He’s talented and has lots of skills. He managed to spread 6 card productions/illusions out over his hour show.  They were great, but for me, too much talking.  We learned too much about his personal life.  I would have appreciated it if he had showcased his skills and talent more.

We arrived at Port Said at 10:30 pm, queued up, and dropped anchor.  We’re scheduled to start through the canal around 3:30 am.  Outside, it’s raining, and there is a strong smell of smoke, almost like burning tires?  Not enough to keep me from sleeping, though.

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