Bangkok, Foot Loose & Fancy Free, Sunday, 12/9/18

We’ve got nothing scheduled for today except seeing the area around our hotel.  We have breakfast in the Club Lounge at 6:30, then returned to the room to shower, catch up on loose ends, and take a closer look at the rest of the week.  Talked to several family members back home via Facetime.

 Views from our room.  There was light rain falling, but it cleared up later

We head out around noon 11:00.  There seem to be lots of malls in the near vicinity.  Sure enough, we found a huge one, Central World, and began exploring. The concierge at the hotel mentioned she kept getting lost in this one and I can see why.  Nine floors, and so many branches make it tough to keep our bearings.

Ready, Set, Go!

 It’s a small Christmas park built outside the mall.

This is a very different looking cake.

A buddhist shrine on the street

We started back to the hotel around 3:00.  High tea is being served in the Club Lounge, and we don’t want to miss free food. It’s a nice place to sit and enjoy the view of the city below.  Around 4:30 we went down to a massage clinic next door for a foot massage. Aaahhhhhh!  Cheap and relaxing.

Christmas tree in our hotel lobby.

After the massage, we went back up to the Club Lounge for Happy Hour.  We’re getting our money’s worth!  We finished the evening prepping for our tour tomorrow.  We’re being picked up at 7:00 am.  It’s gonna be a long day, but interesting.

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