Soccer and Scarves, 9/20/14

Our day is relaxing and great for recovering from the week just passed. Early afternoon, Judy headed over to Sanlitun for “who knows what”. I’m killin’ time, waiting for the Beijing Guo’An soccer game tonight at the Worker’s Stadium. I meet the group from BHSFIC at Great Leap Brewing (kinda like a BJ’s Brewhouse in the states). I had fries, a burger, and then some more fries. Even before the game, it’s been a successful night.


Steve locking up his new E-bike at Great Leap before we walk to the stadium.

After dinner, we walked to the stadium (2 long blocks). We worked our way through all the vendors and into the stadium. After the ticket gate, we went through a bag check, an electronic wanding, and a pat-down. Then as we started into stadium seating, we had another bag check, and another electronic wanding. They are really tight on security.



I can’t seem to take a good “selfie”.


L-R, Steve (Florida), Josie (El Paso/England), LaShawna (Florida), and Dr. Prettyman (Utah)

The game was fun. It was apparently a big rivalry game with Tianjin (nearby city). There was a big police presence in the stadium and near the field. I didn’t see more than 50 Tianjin fans. We all had a blast trying to join in on the cheers (not sure what we were trying to yell).


And Guoan scores!!!!


I almost forgot to mention some fun Judy had in class Friday (yesterday). She was teaching the Pre-K class and they were using scarves and “reacting” to the music. All was going well, until one of the students stuffed the scarf into the back of her pants, and began acting like it was a tail. In a moment, the whole class was trying to stuff their scarves into their pants, with varied levels of success. Those scarves will need some heavy-duty laundering!!  Oh well, sometimes ideas work, and sometimes they don’t.


The scarf class activity, as it was planned

IMG_3276 IMG_3271



The “scarves” become “tails”, and the class goes off the rails.

IMG_3290 IMG_3289 IMG_3284

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