A visit from the Lone Star State!!! 9/21/14

Lots of fun on tap for today!!!! My day starts off with a tee-time at Chaoyang Park Golf Course. I played well enough to enjoy the round, finishing 3 over par for nine holes. I played with Mark Saunders (England), and James Langile (Canada). It’s fun trash-talking between the three cultures. Mark played really well. I think he finished +1 over par.

Back home, Judy has been using her free time to adjust things around the apartment. She’s always looking for better ways to arrange and organize our stuff. When she gets a little free time, look out!

We get a call around 3:00 from Randy and Cindy Vaughn. They’re long-time friends from Texas (living in Houston). They’re in Beijing, as part of a 2-week tour of China. They flew in today with their group, and had some free time tonight. We taxied over and met them at their hotel for dinner. What a blast for us to visit with someone from back home!

IMG_1535 IMG_1530

The hotel is in an area of Beijing we’ve never visited before. I called Steve from BHSFIC who knew a little bit about the area, trying to get some “food” ideas. I needed several options. Cindy and Randy have been touring China for almost two weeks, and may be tiring of Chinese food. We ended up eating at “Lush”, a college/expat hangout that serves burgers, pizza, fries, etc. We traded China stories back and forth before getting a taxi back to the hotel. What a fun night!!

They have two more full days in Beijing (Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc.). They’re going to get a workout! I think Hong Kong is still on their itinerary before heading back to the US.


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