Bit by a haunted house! 10/27/14

There is a weird schedule at my school this week because of mid-term tests. The surprise APEC holiday coming up next week threw everyone a curve. Our mid-term tests are scheduled for Tues. thru Thur. for grades 10 & 11. Next week, 12th grade mid-term tests will be held. They’re on a different schedule because of “Early Decision” deadlines on Nov. 1.

This affects me because they have declared today (Monday) will be Thursday classes. My first class is early so I get out of the apartment quickly and arrive at school around 7:25, planning to set-up my room, etc. As I arrive on the 4th floor and my classroom, there is a large black curtain hanging over the entrance to the hallway, and also over my classroom door. There is a sign posted (in Chinese) which I’m told says “Stay Out.” I took a quick peek in the door, and parents have been in the classroom decorating for a Haunted House for the Friday night party.

I go looking for someone who can tell me where I need to meet my classes. No one is around who knows, so I just sit down and wait. Finally, five minutes before 8:00, an administrator comes in. She doesn’t know anything about it, but makes a call to the logistics manager. He tells us my stuff has been moved to another classroom. This is one of those times when a short email about the classroom change would have helped.

We move into the new room and students start setting up chairs while I set-up the sound system and projector. We get started about 15 minutes late, and I still can’t get the sound system to work. Everything seems to be turned on and plugged in, lights are flashing, but no sound from the speakers. Oh well!

After classes, I worked a little bit, but with all our instruments and stands in the middle of the Haunted House somewhere, we won’t have our shortened rehearsal this afternoon (we’d planned ahead for a short rehearsal because of tests tomorrow). I eat lunch at the school, and start to head home when Jehanne, French/Yoga/Theater teacher finds me and we decide to work on juggling. She juggles as a hobby, and since I’ve done a little bit, we’re exchanging ideas and practicing on “pairs” exchanges. Don’t I have anything better to do? Nope! Not today!

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