Tuesday/Wednesday, 10/ 28-29 /14

TUESDAY, 10/28/14

I joined Judy early Tuesday at BISS for the beginning band class. The class went well and the students worked hard. They know it’s our last week, and they want to sound good for their video performances.

The big excitement at BISS today is the Sports Day for the Elementary School students. Stations are set-up everywhere and grade levels are lined up “getting their sports on.” The pollution had been so bad lately, there was some question as to whether or not it would actually be held, but the levels stayed down, and it went off with out a hitch.


Sandis, the PE teacher, checking his Sports Day notes. He’s dressed as “Captain Zero”


Shannon, the Elementary School Prinicpal dressed as…….I’m not sure what!

After school, Judy travels with Simon, the BISS “recruiter” for a trip to the Conrad Hotel. It’s the site of one of the BISS Choir holiday performances. Judy wants to check out the actual performance area and make sure she knows exactly how to position her students for their performances. Simon has been the point person for the hotel and Rotary Club contacts. The choir will be performing at the Rotary Club Holiday Festival. They performed for the same festival last year, but it was a different hotel.

WEDNESDAY, 10/29/14

Judy goes to school at her regular time. I travel over later for our final beginning band class day. We warmed up, reviewed the assignment, and then the students begin recording their video assignment. We’re recording right up to the end of class, trying to get good performances for everyone.

It’s been a fun trimester working on this project. The students got a decent taste of what it’s like to begin to learn to play a wind instrument. Several will probably find a way to continue on an individual basis. I’ll miss the chance to work with them, but it will be nice to have two more days a week of freedom.

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