Saturday, 4/18/15

Today, we’re sorta spinning our wheels until the tailor arrives this afternoon. We’ve decided to have some clothes made locally by a tailor. She comes to us highly recommended by Shannon. The clothes she’s made for Shannon look great. In the meantime, Judy and Shannon go to visit Anna (art teacher at BISS last year) and her baby boy, Alex. The tailor calls later in the afternoon to let us know she’s been delayed, so we rescheduled for tomorrow.

My time is spent making a run to the wet market for fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Next stop is the bike shop to get the brake handles fixed. I had to wait about 15 minutes while the tech finished putting together a new bike that had just been purchased. He took a look at my brake handles, grimaced, and walked back into the shop. He looked at all the new bikes on display, indicated some handles on a new bike and whether or not I wanted them. I shook my head, yes, and off they come. He put them on my bike, and 10 minutes later, away I went. The cost was 35rmb (right around $6).

Back home, Judy and I spent time discussing our summer calendar between the time school dismisses (June 12), and our flight to Barcelona June 30 to meet the kids and board the cruise. We have several options, including staying put in Beijing for two weeks. Judy wants some beach time somewhere, and I want to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We’re trying to figure out the best way to combine the two activities, and our pack/load out of Beijing with our movers. We need to maximize our travel opportunities in Asia as long as we’re this close.

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