The doc and the tailor, 4/19/15

One of the “features” of our medical insurance is a full physical each year. We didn’t do it last year, but Judy scheduled one for us today. We arrive almost 30 minutes early. There was no traffic. They got us started right on schedule at 9:00 am. It was pretty thorough. We saw a doctor for a basic check-up. Next was blood work, various samples, a chest x-ray, abdominal sonogram, EKG, and a vision check. We also had a dental check-up and teeth cleaning. We walked out at 11:30 am. We did have to pay 80 rmb ($13.50), and we’ll get the results via email in 10 days.

Since we had to fast for the physical, beginning at 9:00 pm last night, we’re both pretty hungry, and beginning to suffer headaches from a lack of caffeine. Our remedy was Tim’s Texas BBQ. Chips/salsa/quesadillas/border burger/fries seemed to fix our “ills”. After lunch we walked up the street to “The Place”. It’s a huge mall area with an outdoor lighted ceiling display similar to Las Vegas. We’ll have to come back some evening to experience it, but we’re beginning to run out of evenings.


We hailed a taxi and had him drop us at the Taiyanggong Capita Mall near our apartment so we could pick up some groceries. We also tried out some frozen yogurt at a new place in the mall. It was too good. I wish I hadn’t found that. It’s going to be hard to stay away.

The tailor arrived around 4:00. We looked at several pictures, decided on some styles, and then went to work on the fabric choices. There are too many options. We’re really curious how this experiment will work out. Neither of us has had any “tailor-made” clothes since our mothers were sewing for us as kids.

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