Biking around and another TT lesson, 4/20/15

And a new school week begins. Judy heads out ready to conquer the world (or at least the pre-K class). I do my usual rummaging around the apartment, followed by a swim session and lunch. When our ayi comes in, I begin thinking about clearing out of the apartment and giving her room to work.

I’ve been badly in need of some new “tennis” shoes to wear out and about with shorts, etc. I’ve had some old Nike’s that were worn out when I arrived in Beijing two years ago. I bought a fake pair of Nike’s at Yashow Market last year, but they never felt right (surprise). I rode the bike over to the mall that’s tied to Metro and bought a pair of Nike running shoes in the Nike Outlet Store. They’re a huge improvement for my feet.

Back home, I dropped off some stuff, and headed off on the bike to the table tennis park to practice for my lesson this evening. The wind is blowing pretty hard (12 to 15 mph). It’s too hard for outdoor ping-pong (at least for me). Instead I rode over to the Chinese restaurant near BISS for some stir-fried green beans. As I finished, I ordered an extra order to-go for Judy. I met her as she was leaving for home. She looked beat! She grabbed a taxi, and I started riding for the table tennis gym at Ditan Park.

I arrived 45 minutes early, by design. I enjoy watching the training and how the coaches handle their different groups. One grandfather spoke to me (in Chinese), and we were able to establish that I was there to take a lesson and who my teacher was. I took a couple of short videos posted below, showing a few of the different things they do. They’ve got their act together.

TT Gym Video, larger groupings:

TT Gym Video, single student at work:

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