Window washers, 4/21/15

Not a lot of material for today. I made a run to Metro for groceries, then did a swim session. When I got back to the apartment, I heard some rattling around at the windows. The window cleaners were working their way down our section of the complex. The come around twice a year. I’d seen them around some of the other buildings, and knew they’d be coming by sometime.

IMG_2653 IMG_2652 IMG_2651

After the swim and lunch, I rode over to the table tennis park to work on things from last night’s lesson. Back at the apartment, I made the final decision on going to Suzhou for the World Table Tennis Championships in Suzhou, China, next week. I’ve got the hotel, and some tickets waiting for me. Now I just have to get there. It’s very near Shanghai, so the China version of the bullet train is the best option. It’s going to cost around $170 round trip. I’ll get the tickets tomorrow.

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