Prepping for busy week, 4/26/15

I’m using the day to prepare for my big week ahead. Monday, I’m scheduled to present card tricks to the Grade 8 classes at BISS. They’re studying a unit on “Illusions”. I’ve been practicing, but I need to nail down exactly which tricks I’ll do, and what order I’ll do them in.

Tuesday, I’m traveling to Suzhou for the World Table Tennis Championships. The train departs at 7:00 am, so it’s going to be an early departure. I’ll spend Tuesday night in Suzhou and return late Wednesday (11:00 pm) to Beijing.

The Tibet flight leaves Beijing Wednesday at 9:00 am, so it’ll be another early morning, trying to arrive at the airport two hours before departure. I’ll be in Tibet through Sunday, with a 10:00 pm arrival.

Suzhou is hot and humid, and Lhasa, Tibet, is having a snowstorm today. We’re also beginning to hear the reports about the massive earthquake in Nepal. That should give my mom something unique to add to her worry list.

Our tailor called late in the afternoon, asking to come by with our new stuff. She drops by and we try on the new jackets. Judy’s is a perfect fit. Mine still has to be taken up a little (that’s a change from my usual “can you let this out?”).   We add a few other alterations and I’m now gonna need a shirt to go with my jacket. I’ll be looking “BAD”, when I come home this summer with my new snazzy duds.

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