Busy start to a busy week, 4/27/15

Judy head out right on time. She has another “regular” week at school, while I’m out “high-timing it” around Asia. Since I’m going to be gone for six days (quick six-hour stopover on Wednesday night/Thursday morning), I’m trying to make sure that there are plenty of groceries around the apartment. Judy’s days are busy enough without having to mess with buying food, etc.

After fixing breakfast and getting Judy out the door, I made up some egg/ham/cheese tacos for breakfast for her while I’m traveling (I’m such a good husband.) They’ll just need warming in the microwave. I taxi over to Metro to buy the groceries for the week. Back later in the apartment, I put everything away and debated swimming. My laziness won over today, and I opted out. I’ve been in the pool six of the last seven days, so I rationalized it wasn’t necessary today.

I showered, dressed, packed my bag, and taxied over to Judy’s school for the card trick presentation. I performed for two small groups, about 9 in each group. It was fun and they were a great audience. I’ve always enjoyed observing how groups and individuals react to magic. Some quietly watch, some are openly amazed, and then there’s the group with individuals irritated at being fooled and trying to grab and touch everything.

I got back to the apartment in time to change clothes for my table tennis lesson this evening. I planned to ride the bike (part of my excuse for not swimming earlier), but there is a high chance for rain this evening, so it’s subway time. It’s sprinkling as I walk over to Taiyonggong station. When I come out of the Andingmen station, it’s still sprinkling. By the time I walked the few blocks to Ditan Park, the drizzle had stopped.

The table tennis lesson goes well. My forehand is still bad, but better than it was 3 weeks ago. My teacher is gradually hitting the ball harder as our lessons progress. I’ve go to find more time to practice to really take advantage of these lessons.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  I think I’ve got lots of extra time.

After the lesson, I grabbed a taxi home. I double-checked both bags, for my trips, making minor adjustments in what I’m carrying. I’m packing only a backpack for Suzhou. I’m taking a small suitcase to Tibet with jeans and sweaters (it snowed two days ago).  These are two drastically different destinations. I hope I’ve got the right stuff.

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