Capri, Sorrento, and Pompeii, 7/8/15

Four consecutive days of excursions is tough, especially in this heat. We woke up this morning in the Port of Salerno. I’m on an excursion touring sites on the Amalfi Coast (I couldn’t have told you what that was before today). Brad and Glenda decided to do a 5 ½ mile hike up and down Mt. Vesuvius, including a tour of Pompeii. They’re officially crazy! Judy and Courtney stayed on board to enjoy the ship all day. We’ve been so busy since we boarded Saturday, we haven’t seen much of the ship besides the eating spots and where we sleep. I’m looking forward to an “at sea” day tomorrow.


Looking back at the port of Salerno as we pull away on our ferry to Capri.


The Amalfi Coast, as we cruise by on our way to Capri

IMG_4062 IMG_4061

My group disembarks from the ship, and boards a bus that takes us around the harbor to a smaller ferry for a short cruise to the island of Capri. After an hour cruise, we arrive in the port, going immediately to a funicular (steep train) that takes us to the town of Capri. We get a brief description of the island from our guide, and are led to a small garden with some wonderful panoramas. It’s a tiny island, but we’re told it’s very exclusive. Judging from the names on the shops on the streets, I would agree. Lots of very ritzy brands.


The Isle of Capri


Looking across the harbor as we sail in.


This is one of the “famous” views from the garden.


Another shot from the garden.


Looking down toward the city.


Along the harbor


Near the city square, up on the hill.


After our visit to Capri, we board another ferry to Sorrento, another beautiful little town. We get a tour of a shop specializing in making gorgeous inlaid wood table and boxes, and then have free time to tour the town before they take us to lunch.


Arriving in Sorrento


Looking across the Sorrento harbor area as we arrive.


The Sorrento city center.


The shop where they displayed the inlaid wood table designs. All these designs were hand cut and pieced together from various types of woods. There was some very detailed, intricate work involved.

Our meal is relaxing and filling with some tasty Italian food. Afterwards we board a bus to Pompeii, about an hour drive. The ruins are amazing. I was most surprised by the size of the city, and how well it’s been preserved (considering the manner of it’s demise). After our visit, we bus back to the ship for some rest and dinner, as the ship departs the port.


Looking back on Sorrento as we drive away.


Driving from Sorrento to Pompeii




Entering Pompeii


Vesuvius in the background


Looking across temple square. Vesuvius was a prominent view from the city. It’s still considered active, last having an eruption sometime in the 40’s.

IMG_2850 IMG_2843 IMG_2837 IMG_2829



Looking back as we exit the city.


Looking down on the current city of Pompeii as we walk out of the ancient ruins.


HUGE lemons (almost the size of grapefruits), in one of the cafes near the entrance to the ruins


Some of the apartments as we drove back into the port area of Salerno.

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