A day off, and Crete, 7/ 9-10 /15

THURSDAY, 7/9/15

REST, REST, REST! That’s what I’m craving. Slept late, had breakfast, then I began looking for places where I could RELAX! I found some nice places to sit, and watch the ocean go by, while catching up on a ton of writing. The blog writing isn’t so hard, but sorting through all the pictures, getting rid of the junk, and deciding which ones I want to use, takes the majority of the time. Some of the excursion days, we took over 250 pictures.


Sunset on our day off.

I’m going to miss all the activity when our “China Experience” ends next week, but I don’t think I’m going to miss all the writing. It sometimes feels like “homework”. I know that no one makes me do it, but it’s a project I started, and I want to see it to the “finish line”. The “finish line” is in sight.

FRIDAY, 7/10/15

Chania, Crete, is our port today. It’s actually a large island that’s a part of Greece. The excursion we decided to take was a half-day trip to the beach. We had a nice time, holding down some beach chairs, and enjoying an occasional dip in the cool waters of the Mediterranean.


The port of Souda, access point for Chania, Crete.




Walking around the ship before our morning on the beach.


This is a fountain play area, similar to the fountain play areas in lots of cities.


GRASS? Grass on a cruise ship, and a lot of it.


The beach area near Chania (pronounce “Hanya”).

IMG_4149 IMG_4147


Crete in our rearview mirror.

Back at the ship, we began the process of packing for our departure from the ship tomorrow. If you’ve cruised before, you know the routine. We had to pack everything except a small carry-on for the things we might need tomorrow. I’m glad we’re not flying out tomorrow. It makes the packing a little easier.

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