Athens and a “Night Tour” on a Segway, 7/11/15

It’s sad that the cruise has to end, but we have a full day ahead of us.  Since we’re spending tonight in Athens, we decided to take an excursion off the boat that toured us around, then dropped us off at our hotel.  The tour began with a drive around Athens.  We eventually made it to the Acropolis, which is a sight to behold.  The way the hill sits above the rest of the town with the Parthenon is breathtaking when we first see it.  As we discover during our stay here, wherever we are, the Acropolis always seems to be visible.

Video Link – Acropolis


The port of Pireas, docking for Athens.


One of the stadiums used for the Olympic Games in 2004


We take the tour up to the top.  It included a short climb.  They turned us loose for 45 minutes.  We scurried around through the crowds, trying to see everything, and take our pictures.  The views of the city are great.  Everywhere you look, there are sites with ancient ruins.  I can’t imagine trying to restore and maintain all of it, with the crowds all day in such close proximity.

Video – City View from the Acropolis


Near the top, about to enter the gates.

IMG_4174 IMG_4175


The city of Athens runs out to the horizon.

IMG_3926 IMG_4179 IMG_4184 IMG_4198 IMG_4193

After our tour finishes, they dropped us at our hotel.  The rooms weren’t ready yet, so we ate lunch and killed a little time in the coffee shop area until we got our keys.  We unpacked with plans to meet up around 7:30pm for our trip to the Segway shop and our “Athens Night Tour”.


Looking out our hotel window at the Acropolis on a distant hill.

The Segway “Athens Night Tour”, was one of the highlights of our entire trip over the last 3 weeks.  We saw lots of beautifully lit ruins and watched the sun set from “Mars Hill”.  Our guide toured us through several large crowded market areas and city squares, and then to the 11:00 pm changing of the guard at the Parliament Building (guard changes every hour, 24/7).

Segway Video Segment


Making a trial run


Sunset from “Mars Hill”


Judy & Courtney watching the sunset

IMG_2929 IMG_2925 IMG_6634 IMG_6709 IMG_6692 

Video – Parliament Guards changing (check out the crazy step.)

IMG_2934 IMG_2932

We certainly got our money’s worth, as well.  The tour started at 8:00pm and it was nearly 11:20 when we got back to the office.  Everyone was hungry, so we found a nice café with outdoor tables nearby.  It was a great way to end our cruise, all of us together, enjoying a relaxing meal in Athens, with the Acropolis as a backdrop.

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