Khao Lak, Beaches and Recliners, Sunday, 12/15/18

We woke this morning to light rain.  There’s no wind and everything seems so peaceful.  We walked to the main dining area where breakfast is served, arriving at 8:30.  Shannon and Dom were already there, saving our table.  The buffet is all-encompassing.

Looking off our deck this morning.  So peaceful.

Another pool, closer to food

This looks like a likely place for us to camp out for the next 6 days or so.

We talked and ate until 10:30 when we moved to a small eats/drinks area nearer the beach.  We stayed there, under the roof, until the rain stopped around 1:00, which prompted our move to a line of recliners at a nearby pool.  We’re waiting for Lara to arrive.  She’ll be the final member of our group, and flew from Beijing this morning.  She finds us around 2:00, and the full-on visiting and catching up commences.

 Lara found us.Judy, Shannon, and Lara, the BISS trio

 Looking out west over the resort property from the lobby.  Andaman Sea is beautiful.

Gingerbread House in the lobby.

The rest of the afternoon involved ordering drinks with umbrellas and taking a dip in the pool or the ocean.  We split up around 5:30 to freshen up with plans to meet again at 7:30 for dinner. The food is great, and the conversation is non-stop as Judy, Shannon, and Lara begin continue catching up on each other’s lives.  We headed back to the room at 10:30 with plans to repeat the whole process tomorrow.

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