What To Do, What To Do……….Absolutely Nothing! Monday, 12/17/18

I wish there were more colorful items to discuss today, but there aren’t.  We met for breakfast, and then moved to the small pool loungers where we spent yesterday.  There’s plentiful shade with food and washrooms nearby.  Occasionally someone would decide it’s time to get wet and wander off to the ocean or into the pool where we sit.

 Why are you bothering us?  We’re working!

Is this better?

The weather is very neutral, with a slight cooling breeze.  The sky is partly cloudy and the sun occasionally peeps out from the clouds. This is ideal for me since I have no desire to suffer any sunburn.  The resort doesn’t seem crowded.  I guess things will pick-up as we near the weekend.  We must have arrived ahead of the holiday rush.

Shannon and Dom’s beach bungalow.  The beach is at my back.

We ate lunch around 2:30, then, moved back to our loungers.  As we headed to our rooms around 6:00, we took time to enjoy the sunset.

 We’ve seen our share of beautiful sunsets on this trip


Enjoying the sunset.

We met back for dinner at 8:00, and concluded an evening of food and conversation around 10:00.  Dinner was served out on a deck overlooking the beach and it’s a beautiful evening.  I’m not sure how the day could have been any nicer.

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