As Expected, More of the Same, Tuesday, 12/18/18

As we went to breakfast, only a few clouds hung in the sky.  The sun was bright and if I wandered into a sunny area, it was hot. We enjoyed another long breakfast with Dom, Shannon, and Lara, and then headed out to our designated assembly spot. It’s shady most of the day, we’re at a pools edge, (there are five pools on the property), and only steps away from the ocean.  Access to food is too close, actually, requiring thought and restraint from overeating.

 Set-up for a long day Cooling off. The BISS Trio.Working with Dom on sponge balls technique.

Plans were made for massages at 3:00.  As if we knew what would happen, light rain began to fall at 3:00.  After massages, it was time for freshening and prep for dinner.

Dom contacted me and said he was set-up for VR play (virtual reality) in their bungalow.  This was my first experience, and hopefully not my last. It was a blast with the 3-D imagery and total immersion in the digital environment with the goggles and headphones. Dom had set-up devices that look like motion sensors (that’s one of their jobs) on tripods around the room that help define the area of play and movement that takes place within.  He gave me a taste of several different types of games, including shooting games, as well as puzzle games.  As I gained familiarity with the controllers, I improved.

Dinner was great as we experimented with different Thai dishes.  We’ve been here long enough that the restaurant staff is familiar with all of us and they’re having fun with our accents, as are we with theirs.  This has been a nice 3 full days of relaxation. Shannon, Dom, and Lara, are all coming directly from jobs, and the relaxation is total.  Judy and I haven’t exactly been working, although several of our tours have felt like work with the combined educational and physical elements. This Khao Lak segment has been reminiscent of our Phuket visit in February of 2014.

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