Getting the Job Done at Moracea, Wednesday, 12/19/18

Today is just a repeat of yesterday, without the massages.  Thought we were going to get a rain shower for a while, but it drifted away, leaving us with a light breeze.

There are things to do in Khao Lak besides being super lazy.  This area is a well-known diving area.  I’m not interested in boarding a crowded boat with a lot of people I don’t know, for what might be a hot ride across a rolling body of water.  There’s an elephant sanctuary nearby, where the tourists participate in feeding and bathing the animals.  This is different than our last visit four years ago when we watched elephants paint and kick a ball, and then rode one around a trail on a mountain.  If there were kids along, this would be a required visit, but for us, by ourselves, it doesn’t seem interesting enough to leave our loungers.

Hard at work at my Moracea job!

Lara wandered out of the resort and into town Tuesday afternoon, and reported back that it didn’t seem too interesting.  Since we spent a week in Thailand this trip, and a total of 15 days spread out over two vacations in 2014 and 2015, the town of Khao Lak holds no allure.  The night market in Chiang Mai would be a hard act to follow.

Lunch on the beach.  The sun was brighter today so I had to break out the hat!

Evening dinner provides a chance for us to experiment with some different Thai foods.  I’m beginning to enjoy the different curries, although I’m not sure I can taste the difference between the yellow, red, and green varieties.  There’s a Thai guitarist/singer tonight in the restaurant.  As we came down the stairs to eat, we could here him singing Johnny’ Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.  He had a couple more Cash favorites, as well as Eric Clapton, the Beatles, and the Eagles. He handled it all pretty well, and added to the evening experience.

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